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Do you need a kennel for your dog to stay during your holidays, business trips, or need transport to the kennel? REX can provide all services 24hrs a day with guaranteed availibility, not always the case if you are out there looking.

REX services:
- Pick-up and delivery service
- Delivery any kennel around Geneva or Vaud region
- Delivery any kennel around Zurich region
- Delivery any kennel around London region

- Need a visit?
- Need to contact the kennel?
- Need info?
- View pictures?
(booking space)
+41 848 11 8888
The Guide

- Fees per pet
- Provide pet passport
- Closed on Sundays
- Delivery before 18:00
- Pick-up before 11:00
- Vaccination Kennel cough
- Kennel provide food
- Kennel provide toys

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