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Cabin Baggage

REXEXPRESS TRAVEL through its PetAlliance Network (PAN), can book your ticket as well as your pets/animals. Our first step is to find ways for you to travel with them in cabin if the right size. Before you make your travel arrangements, check with us and we will submit a full package offer!!

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Pets can travel by cabin baggage as long as the airline has permitted and filed on their computer that the pet & container have been registered with the airline ticket.

REX TRAVEL can book your ticket as well as your pet/animal with our PetAlliance Network, either as excess baggage or in cabin.


The airline ticket will be registered as a cabin baggage that entitles the pet to travel with the passenger in the cabin. Check-in will be at the passenger airport terminal and the container will registered as a regular cabin baggage.

Equipment - container

Please verify the right size in order to travel as excess baggage. To calculate please see travel tips.

Airline Cabin & Excess Conditions
Allowance normaly permitted by airlines:

- 40x25x23 cm
- 16x10x9 in


All original documents must travel with the animal and must be conform to the entry procedures of the chosen country.


There are certain times when you cannot take you pet as cabin baggage. Please make sure to verify with the airline and the country of import.

- Countries with quarantine (UK - Australia - Dubai - Singapore and many others)
Most countries with quarantine will not permit for pets to travel as cabin baggage.

- Weight restriction will vary according to airline but on a general rule the container & pets must not exceed 5kg. This means the pet cannot be more than 3.5kg and you should be able to put the bag under the seat. If you cannot then the pet will travel excess baggage.

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