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Animal Health Officer AHO-GVA
Agent d'Inspection & Control Animalier AICA-GVA

REX Handling handles all animals upon arrival at the airport for our partners Swissport and dnata. We check the conditions and move them from the dispatch area to the allocated animal station. There are two animal stations E.U. and Third party (countries outside from the E.U. The documents are controlled and a vet visit or not will be required to complete the sanitary entry. Once the documents are ok the owner or the representative can complete the customs and retrieve the AVI's (animals).

- customs clearance (CUS)

Please read carefully the details regarding the documents & procedures needed for import into Switzerland. Due to the bilaterals, customs will change their import conditions on a regular basis to adapt to the European regulations. A section is set for kittens and puppies as these require speciale arrival procedures [ TRACES ]

- customs clearance (CUS)


- No import cut tails or ears
- Make sure chip implant before any vaccinations
- Rabies blood test from certified lab
- All change of Pet ownership requires a [ TRACES ]

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