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Christmas importation Switzerland
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Christmas holidays are coming up and there will be many arrivals and departures during this period. This might incurre some delays in order to process the arrivals on import. We recommend you pre-alert us of any arrivals as soon as possible. All pets are taken to the animal station and will be safely cared for during the arrival process. Please also make sure you have all paperwork in order before sending. If you have purchased a pet remember that you will need to provide proof you went to the country and saw the puppy or kitten. If not, have the intra-trade certificat filed with the vet before departure and have an agent who will customs clear upon arrival.

If you have any questions, contact us as soon as possible. Do not leave it to the last moment

REX Handling Limited
CH-1215 Genève-aéroport
Tel: +41 22 900 2004

IMPORTANT - REX Handling & Transport is not available for Pet relocation or Pet travel, this is done only via our network PAN Assistance. Please contact the PET Alliance Network for any related issue regarding moving or transporting an animal

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