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Dear animal owners, animal movers, airlines

On the first of july 2016, all animals arriving as commercial and owners travelling past the 5 days rule of their pets, will need to present a CVED / DVCE 24 hours prior to the flight arrival unless prior authorized by Bern OSAV. This procedure is in place by the border veterinarian services and arrivals after this 24 hours will have a CHF.150.- charge due by owners or by the local Geneva agent. We suggest you fill out our pre-alert well before arrival in order to conform to this procedure. This affects especially fish import, kittens and puppies, including ownership change such as adoptions. So do remember to do your pre-alert. Puppies and kittens are commercial and must be declared to customs and must go through the red line at customs. DO NOT walk through the green line.

The Animal Reception Center is the authorities of the Federal Veterinarian Office and combined with the cantonal veterinarian services, both with their procedures for entry. E.U. entry is controlled by the canton of Geneva as the airport first port of entry is Geneva. The Federal Veterinarian Office (OSAV) controls arrivals from outside of the EU and from Rabies countries. Check back at all time with our main procedures on import before any animals arriving. Animals arriving with no alert, or wrong papers may experience very long delays as they will need to be verified by either authorities and any problems are to the owners expense. The ARC advises to always check before you travel with or without your animal!!!

If you have any questions regarding import, contact us as soon as possible. Do not leave imports to the last minute. Sanitary problems have very high costs.

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